Weight loss on stomach for women

This is basically just the same as the cardio workout post i made but its a bitmore specific for women but men can use it too dont worry dont mean your gay.

Dont be fooled by tv ads or internet ads i mean there was an ad on a car made out of candy and chocolate man wtf false advertising i been looking for that car for agesss....

Dont be fooled by tv ads or internet ads showcasing diet pills i mean there was an ad on a car made out of candy and chocolate man wtf false advertising i been looking for that car for agesss and dont even get me started on that oasis advert with tha big rubberduckzilla....

Ok both men and women get beer bellys its natures crude wai of saying ure fat and nida cut down on food and exercise. Now luckily there are loads of exercises  to help and TRY and aim lose weight on the stomach area ill only list a few here . However i may have said somewere that it is not possible to burn off fat in 1 place and that fat is burned off your whole body well from a startling new discovery  i found out that it depends on your genes very very few people may have a flab end on there stomach no mata ow many sit ups or how much cardio they do so if your losing weight in other places but not on your stomach then consult a professional.

A HEALTHY DIET IS THE KEY TO LOSING THE BER BELLY NO AMOUNT OF CARDIO CAN LOSE THAT BEER BELLY UNLESS YOU START EATING PROPERLY. Ive heard about those girls who starve themselves in order to lose weight and get that ‘perfect’ figure thats just the dumbest thing ive eva heard including tha 1 tym my m8 goes to my ova m8′ ill kick you in the digestive system to stop you having babies’ haha…. yeh nyway starving yourselves really is not the answer by starving yourself your body is going to go into starvation mode(all explained in the diet post) and your are giving up one of the best things in the world…. FOOD it is more than possible to lose weight and still be able to eat all you need to do is count your calories thats all you just need to be careful what you eat avoid the chicken and chips and go for the apples and oranges. If you starve yourself when you finally do get that figure you want and you start eating you will just gain most of the weight back in a week anyway because your metabolism is working really slowly so the more you eat the more itll be stored as fat. Just follow the diet post i put up and you should be able to enjoy the wonders of food without having to starve yourself. Also if you are thinking of taking the easy wai out and taking diet pills the i strongly urge you not to because ive read that it can cause problems with labour for women in the future if you are willing to risk that then go for it but even then i advise you not to.

Ok this post is only for women that have fat to actually burn off

How girls find this desirable no1 knos.. man even those skeleton dummies in science classes are sexier

How girls find this desirable no1 knos.. man even those skeleton dummies in science classes were sexier

if you a size zero stay off this post your already as skinny as a twig aint gna help u get skinnier if thats even possible.  Oryt firstly for stomach one of the methods for burning off fat on the stomach is the(dramatic pause)…… sit ups yes everyone does sit ups yeh yeh it is boring yeh yeh i heard it all but im not talking bout normal sit ups there are alot of variation of sit ups that will not only burn off the fat on your stomach but strengthen your abs and noo ima not talking bout getting a 6 pac or anything just strengthen them but if your looking to look lyk a female arnold scwarzeneger then jus comment lemme kno nd ill make one.

Ok the first version is just a normal sit up and the trick with this is that you do the whole thing slowly i mean i heard people saying o yeh ima so fit i did lyk 1000 sit ups wiv my eyes closed or something along those lines well thats not hard if you can do 1000 situps sloooowly wiv your eyes closed then you are qualified to be calling yourself fit. Going slowly puts alot more strain on your body so its more effective dont cheat and go fast because the only person your cheating is yourself.

Ok second type of sit up is a bit complicated to explain and there aint no clear pictures or videos showing it so just bear with the explanation. Get in the normal sit up position(which to me is with knees bent) ok now as you go up pull your left knee to your chest and touch it with your right elbow and as you go down put your left knee down and repeat again this time lifting your right knee and touching it with your left elbow. as you go up your gonna have to turn slightly to the left(obviously the opposite for the other knee) in order to touch your left knee with your right elbow. Now this workout works out the obliques which isnt reli the abs but the lets say love handles area it also qualifies as a sit up and remember when doing this go sloooooooooow.

Um for now thisll be the last situp variation and it is pretty hard and the explanation will be a bit complicated as well but if you understood ow to do the one above from the exercise then this shuld be a piece of cake no w8 piece of fruit more healthy lol. Ok get in the sit up position and now as you are going up pull your head in and bring BOTH your knees in to your chest so your ina rectangle shapish form and you should stop and tense your stomach at this point and then release bring your head and knees back down and repeat again remember to go slow and tense. This workout works out your core which is  the slap bang middle of the stomach. These may not be the besst described versions of the variations so if you didnt understand them then try google searching it.

This is your incentive women you want 2 loook lyk this and ho crap if you got  a body like that leave your name and number haha only messin :P

This is your incentive women you want 2 loook lyk this and ho crap if you got a body like that leave your name and number haha only messin

The most obvious wai to lose weight off of the stomach is through cardio just go through my cardio workout post if you need help it applies to both women and men but for women i would say to spend more time on the stepping machine the cross trainer and the exercise bikes the cross trainer and stepping machine will lose you calories fast and the bike will help lose sme fat from the stomach. Also as soon as you finish a unit of cardio(20 mins or 1 hour on 1 machine you should be aiming for 2 or 3 units of cardio a day) then get some very very very very very light weights lyk 2 kg and do some squats and do some sit ups wiv the weights in your hands or on your stomach also do some jogging as well because when you get off the cardio machines your metabolism is very high so it is the ideal time to do some exercises dont worry you wont turn into a muscle freak if you do it just dont try any of this with anything over 5 kg.

Dyamn maaan! and women wonder why some men turn gai....

Dyamn maaan! and women wonder why some men turn gai....

Also there are little things at home which you can do to get a lean stomach it doesnt require any expensive equipment or anything it is just simple things. You can just do some simple stretches for example position yourself in the easy press up position where your on your knees and stretch your hands out as far as they will go this wai you are stretching your stomach ill give a link to stretches for the stomach in the next post for this but for now experiment. And also when you are sitting in front of the tv try sit in a position where your stomach isnt curled in so avoid sitting with your knees up try sitting with your legs straight and lets sai in between adverts just sit there and tense your stomach it really helps dont over exert yourself and start making those straining noises or else people in the room gna wonder wheva or not you let one off  lol this wai your not giving the muscles in your stomach a rest so you are keeping them working it may not seem like much but it will help. Also dancing is a great wai to lose a bit of fat its fun and effective so if you hear a good tune on the radio or on tv get up nd start dancin if youre serious bout losin weight youll get up nd do it nywere and i mean nywere.

Thats it for the first instalment im too tired to write any more right now so ill just do it l8a just try the sit up variations and cardio routine and if you still aint losing the stomach fat then ill upload some more exercises and tips REMEMBER A HEALTHY DIET IS THE KEY TO LOSING THAT WEIGHT CHECK MY DIET POST IN ORDER TO KNOW WHAT TO BE EATING ALSO COUNT THOSE CALORIES IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Avoid looking lyk mr blobbys wife or a big mommas house reject lol XD

Avoid looking lyk mr blobbys wife or a big mommas house reject XD


Cardio workout to lose weight and the machines

Ok firstly the most important thing is that it doesnt matter how much exercise you do unless you have a good diet plan then it is not gonna be of any use you could do like a whole 5 hours of cardio and then go eat 10 burgers in Mc Donalds i honestly dont see the point in that its like buying a bmw m3 and then the next dai go out and steal the same car its just pointless. However the main thing for the weight loss workout is going to involve large large amounts of cardioit will take alooooot of dedication and hard work. It will be easier to do this workout if you enrol the help of a trusty friend that way youll be having fun and losing weight instead of staring at a tv screen at the gym and wotching sme nexcs programmes (ive seen them play balamory :|). Also you could find an incentive to losing weight lyk lets sai you have a best friend who is really toned and trimmed imagine in your head how pissed hes gonna be when a month later youre alot more toned and trimmer then him its alwais good to have healthy competition buh if u take ure enemy to gym wiv u expect to go flying off a treadmill or for him to ‘forget’ to spot you when doing bench press lol just remember it will be hard work so be prepared.

Ok the workout is manily cardio it should be done in gym but because you are not aiming right now to gain or tone your muscles it can also be done at home but thatll b a seperate post. Remember that even for cardio you have to perform all the stretches as posted before. Ok first i have only used the cardio machines at my gym but if there are other ones then iam sorry if i have missed it out so lets go through the machines and workouts :).

Ok the exercise bike comes in 2 form this one and the other one where your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle personally i have used the latter and it does not produce as much as a workout so i recommend you use the bike shown in the picture. Firstly cardio does not burn off fat from specific parts of the body it just burns off fat overall so if you want to jus burn off fat off your stomach or just burn off fat off your ass it aint gonna happen so dont try. When on the exercise bike you can work out in 2 ways you can go the slow and less stressful way by putting the power level really low mayb at like power level 6 and then staying on there for about 1 hour now you should burn off around 200 calories in that time and your legs will not be in much pain so all in all a good way to lose calories. However you can also take the stressful and more effective wai to losing weight you can do what is called conditioning training where you push your body more then as you would with the other workout basically you would start by putting the power level at a level you are comfortable at so maybe lets say level 10 if you are a fit person (it will obviously be less if you do not find that comfortable) you should cycle for 2 mins on the comfortable level and thena fter 2 mins you put the power level up to the highest intensity(which is 25 according to east ham gym) and cycle for 1 min on the highest intensity after that you put the power level back to your comfortable level and repeat this cycle for about 20-30 minz it is a very effective wai of weight loss because your body works harder and your heart is pumping alot faster then the other workout so in turn your metabolism will be increasing also in the tym you burn off 200 calories in an hour you could burn off around 300 calories in 30 minz tym or 200 in 20 minz tym so if your good at math lyk me if you do an hour of this you could burn off 600 calories. This machine is good for building muscles in your thighs and calves.

Ok the next machine is a treadmill and im not gonna bother to get a picture of it because if you dont know what it is you should feel proud to have turned on your computa on all by yourself  lol :D. The same workout goes for the treadmill you can go slowly and have a comfortable tym on a low power for about an hour or you can do the conditioning training and work your heart more and burn the same amount of calories in half the tym. However there are 2 differences when on a treadmill you can alter the gradient at which you are on so you can alter the gradient to make it seem like your walking or running up a steep hill which will provide a MORE intense workout it may not look lyk much of a difference but it is a huge difference. And a treadmill is pretty dangerous if you are running at a high speed make sure you can handle that speed because itll  b embarassing if you fall off and you could hurt yourself severely so be careful when you are on treadmills. The treadmill is very good at burning off calories it works your whole body especially if you are running not with your hands to the side but in the jogging motion if you want to tone your muscles you could do running with weights in your hands and i mean light weights lyk 2 or 4 kg not lyk 60kg thats gna break your wrist.

One of my favourite machines is the rowing machine once again i wont bother with a picture if you dont know what it is just pretend that it is lyk rowing makes sense eh.  Once again you can use either workout with a rowing machine however a rowing machine does not have as many power levels you can put it on power level 1 or power level 10. You can go for the laid back way and do a long time on a low power level. Or you can go for the conditioning method and pace yourself. When using the rowing machine make sure you are making the proper rowing movement you should drag the cord back to around your chest level and kick back and pull back its hard to keep a constant form but if you do it for the majority of the time it should be fine. When on here try for a time of 10 mins and in that tym aim to travel at least 2000m this is if you are doing the conditioning method if you are doing the laid back way just stay on it for 30 mins. The rowing machine is good because it works your whole upper body and thighs and calfs it is a useful machine if you are looking to tone.

Ok now this post is turning 2 long so quick skim of the stepping machine(culdve been more creative) and the cross trainer(thas more lyk it). Ok these two machines are the god send for burning off calories i have found that they are better then most of the cardio machines at your gym the cross trainer all tho mostly women use it is great for losing calories once again you can go for the laid back wai of low power level high time. Or you can really pace yourself and do conditioning but with a difference instead of changing to a comfortable power level do the highest intensity and go for 10 mins on it however youre allowed to take a 30 second break every 2 1/2 mins. Now on the stepping machine i havn’t used it but my m8 has and he sais its one of the hardest workouts you will do its his prime form of cardio so it must be good so i cant give much information i do kno that you can go for the laid back wai or conditioning method on this machine tho so just use whicheva you prefer.


Diet for those toning and aiming for weight loss

Firstly lemme just sai that starving yourselves to death is not the way to go if you are aiming to lose weight. Because the more you starve yourself the slower your metabolism will become and metabolims is ESSENTIAL to weight loss.

If you want to achieve weight loss then dont be surprised you are going to need to eat more…. lets put it this wai if you eat less your body goes into ‘starvation mode’. This mechanism, which is thought to have evolved as a defence against starvation, means the body becomes super efficient at making the most of the calories it does get from food and drink. The main way it does this is to protect its fat stores and instead use lean tissue or muscle to provide it with some of the calories it needs to keep functioning. This directly leads to a loss of muscle, which in turn lowers metabolic rate so that the body needs fewer calories to keep ticking over and weight loss slows down. Of course, this is the perfect solution if you’re in a famine situation buh if you wanna take the risk of starving yourself  i highly recommend you just eat small quantities of food over periods of time you should leave at least a a 3 hour gap bewtween each time you eat if youre doing this youre metabolism will increase and plus its better then starving yourself because your getting yummy yummy foood in your tummy instead of eating dust bunnies.

Ok now what you eat is the most important part calories is the main thing which affects weight loss the less calories you eat the less your body has to burn off and the faster you achieve weight loss calories are absolutely everywere i mean make sure you find out how many calories is in what you are eating cauz recently i been more calorie cautous and fookin hell man the amount of calories in a bludi oreo is lyk 10 minz worth of cardio at the gym and dont even get me started on a bludi tea biscuit basically try to keep the amount of calories you eat around 2500 for men and 2000 for women if you are more calorie concious you will see a difference in how you feel too instead of eating that lubli chocolate cake just go for an apple it tastes just as nyc and is a hellof alot healthier and you will feel alot more alert and energetic i mean if you lyk being a lazy boring fat arse wiv rolls on his rolls then go ahead eat those lubli cakes and crisps but if youd ratha be tha enrgetic fun to be around person go for the healthy option.

Avoid the burgers dont go ova 2 the dark syd XD!

Avoid the burgers dont go ova 2 the dark syd XD!

Also try to get around 2 litres of water in you everydai i mean everyone has seen that volvic advert you kno were the dude drinks wata for 2 weeks and ‘apparently’ he feels all energetic because hes holding a tennis racket and is in shorts but ignoring the advert it really does help dont go ova the limit because too much water can actually be dangerous nd also dont drink it all at once because once you go into that bathroom its gna b lyk a waterfall down there sori but iam warning u of every single possibility lol.

Also avoid having carbohydrathes and saturated fats afta 5 pm as this limits the amount of tym in which they can be burned off and will therefore be stored as fat and also avoid eating a large meal then having a bath because the hot water slows down digestion in your stomach dont ask me how i aint started A level biology yet just avoid it and also avoid eating a large meal and going straight to sleep oh and have 1 of those activia yoghurts(no there not paying me to advertise for them lol) every now and then it really helps with digestion.

Do u reli wna look lyk ure pregnant wiv 11 kidz

Do u reli wna look lyk ure pregnant wiv 11 kidz

Ok now for the diet plan


Option 1- Any low fat cereal- e.g all bran, porridge eaten with low fat yoghurt or milk

Option 2- Wholemeal bread(brown), with any low fat spreadable(jam, butter, peanut butter) and fruit

Snacks- Any fruit, cereal bar, low fat yoghurt and sushi (if you can get sushi on a regular basis)


Option 1-Tuna,chicken,beef or salman with pasta salad

option 2-Sandwich e.g  tuna, chicken, beef, ham with low fat cheese and salad

option 3- Jacket potato with Tuna, chicken, low fat butter and NO cheese(unless its cottage cheese buh if it is bleurgh)

Snacks- Any fruit, cereal bar, low fat yoghurt and sushi (if you can get sushi on a regular basis)


Option 1-Fish, steak, chicken, turkey, stir fry with vegetables

option 2-Scrambled eggs with ham

option 3-Any salad with meat or fish

Kudos go to Arjun Kumar Das forsome of the info 😀

Toning chest workout(gym)

afta alot of hard work ull get a chest lyk this :D this is ure incentive

afta alot of hard work ull get a chest lyk this 😀 this is ure incentive

Ok firstly this is information for use at the gym. First you are going to need to find out where your limits are on the machines and by doing that you jus select a weight and if its too heavy for you and you cant do more then 5 reps on it then you need to stop you should preferably find a weight where you are performing around 10-17 reps anything below is for building muscle and we dont want that do we :D.
Ok firstly we are going to start with a routine that iam using were going to start with working on our chest. There arent going to be any long complicated words so you wont get confused wheva or not your working out ure arse or ure legs. Now the aim with toning is to do lower weights with increasing reps.

Firstly for chest where gonna start with the classic chest press

http://www.changingshape.com/exercise/strengthtraining/gym/machinechestpress.asp (This is what it should look like dont worry if it doesn it still does the same procedure)

Ok first the motion you should be doing is you should be pushing out slowly and as ure arms are extended pause and tense ure chest and then slowly bring your arms down and repeat again the aim is to go slow to make your muscles work harder then if you are working faster.

Now start with a weight were u can manage only 12 reps and then give yourself a rest for 30 seconds as soon as the 30 seconds up put it down 1 weight lower and then do 14 reps after you do that give yourself another 30 second rest and lower the weight once more and do 16 reps.

IF you didn understand tha then basically if ure doing a weight of 30kg do 12 reps then stop rest move it down to 25 and do 14 reps then stop and rest move it down to 20 and do 16 reps.

Next we are going to move onto some free weights to start with well do a dumbell decline bench press

http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/PectoralSternal/DBBenchPress.html (This is a great moving picture of how to do a dumbell chest press)

Ok its simple enough how to do this firstly it is not going to be like a chest press machine because free weights are alot harder because you need to control the balance as well as performing the pushing and retracting movements.

Firstly this is a dumbell decline chest press so the bench is going to be lain flat firstly select your weights dont try and be a big man and choose lyk 30 kg if your a beginner because if tha falls on your face then your gna be looking lyk chewbaca from star wars and no mata how toned your body is ure still gna be fugly lool so first start off with some low weights like maybe a 8kg dont worry if you think you look lyk a poofda doing it with such a small weight because this is where everyone starts off and remember to go down in 1 weight each tym and increase the amount of reps.

Ok now lay flat on the bench place ure legs inbetween the seat provided and place dumbells in your hand and perform the movement in the link once again go slow rushing will not produce the same results if you can when your dumbells are in front of you try and stop them from hitting each other to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

If you can do this then i dno wha da hell u doing reading my page lol

If you can do this then i dno wha da hell u doing reading my page lol

Now combining 2 workouts 2geva cauz this page is gettin bludi long lol well do dumbell decline bench press and what everyones familair with the press up

http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/PectoralClavicular/DBInclineBenchPress.html (incline bench press)

http://www.wikihow.com/Do-a-Push-Up (Press up aint hard just keep good form)

Ok with the inclie bench press its just lyk a decline bench press but its just raised slightly to work out the top part of your chest so the same with a decline bench press use the same weight preferably and remember should be aiming to do 12 reps then 14 reps then 16 reps and keep the movement slow and flowing smoothly.

Ok now the pressup is alot harder if you are not able to do 1 then i suggest that you bend your knees as if your a chair instead of keeping them straight and perform the pressups like that after a while you should be confident enough to do it with your legs straight even if you can only do 1 still continue because you are making progress over time you will be able to increase the number of reps you are doing. Ok now there are aload of variations of push ups buh ill put those up later well just focus on the diamond push up and the wide stance push up.

The diamond push up is basically placing your hands infront of you in a diamond shape and doing press ups ok look if you cant do a normal push up then theres no wai you will be able to do this  lol so when you can do 5 pushups you should start these pushups inorder to get the most out of this pushup you should go down slow and come back fast it works out your triceps but also your chest. Try do 10 reps with 30 second gaps in between.

And with the wide stance push ups seems simple enough jus put your hands not close but wide apart wider then shoulder width from each other and perform pushups  try to do 10 reps then 12 reps then 14 reps. and remember to keep your back straight or your going to end up with bad posture and dont even try cheat yourself by not going down low enough your nose should be touching the floor if your not doing that your not doing the exercise properly and your just doing it half heartedly which is basically jus a waste of time.


Stretching… Warm ups and Cool downs

Getting started

Ok im a 17 year old his been focusing on working out and toning my body out at the gym. And I decided to create a blog to help all you guys out tha were in the same shoes as me because at first i didnt kno anything at all about fitness i didnt kno what cardio was i thut it was something u wore lol 😀 i didnt kno anything about dumbell row, incline chest pressess etc etc. This blog is to help everyone else understand the techniques to fitness and the terminology.

Also this blogs to help anybody that wants to get fit ill be posting videos and diet routines for all needs whether you want to lose a coupla pounds or stones or wheva u want to get your body ripped and toned or wheva you want to gain muscle/body building and lastly wheva u want to increase your endurance and strength 😀 also therell be lots of pretty bright sprakly colours 😀 hope you guys like this blog comment on whateva u find useful and enjoy 🙂