Cardio workout to lose weight and the machines

Ok firstly the most important thing is that it doesnt matter how much exercise you do unless you have a good diet plan then it is not gonna be of any use you could do like a whole 5 hours of cardio and then go eat 10 burgers in Mc Donalds i honestly dont see the point in that its like buying a bmw m3 and then the next dai go out and steal the same car its just pointless. However the main thing for the weight loss workout is going to involve large large amounts of cardioit will take alooooot of dedication and hard work. It will be easier to do this workout if you enrol the help of a trusty friend that way youll be having fun and losing weight instead of staring at a tv screen at the gym and wotching sme nexcs programmes (ive seen them play balamory :|). Also you could find an incentive to losing weight lyk lets sai you have a best friend who is really toned and trimmed imagine in your head how pissed hes gonna be when a month later youre alot more toned and trimmer then him its alwais good to have healthy competition buh if u take ure enemy to gym wiv u expect to go flying off a treadmill or for him to ‘forget’ to spot you when doing bench press lol just remember it will be hard work so be prepared.

Ok the workout is manily cardio it should be done in gym but because you are not aiming right now to gain or tone your muscles it can also be done at home but thatll b a seperate post. Remember that even for cardio you have to perform all the stretches as posted before. Ok first i have only used the cardio machines at my gym but if there are other ones then iam sorry if i have missed it out so lets go through the machines and workouts :).

Ok the exercise bike comes in 2 form this one and the other one where your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle personally i have used the latter and it does not produce as much as a workout so i recommend you use the bike shown in the picture. Firstly cardio does not burn off fat from specific parts of the body it just burns off fat overall so if you want to jus burn off fat off your stomach or just burn off fat off your ass it aint gonna happen so dont try. When on the exercise bike you can work out in 2 ways you can go the slow and less stressful way by putting the power level really low mayb at like power level 6 and then staying on there for about 1 hour now you should burn off around 200 calories in that time and your legs will not be in much pain so all in all a good way to lose calories. However you can also take the stressful and more effective wai to losing weight you can do what is called conditioning training where you push your body more then as you would with the other workout basically you would start by putting the power level at a level you are comfortable at so maybe lets say level 10 if you are a fit person (it will obviously be less if you do not find that comfortable) you should cycle for 2 mins on the comfortable level and thena fter 2 mins you put the power level up to the highest intensity(which is 25 according to east ham gym) and cycle for 1 min on the highest intensity after that you put the power level back to your comfortable level and repeat this cycle for about 20-30 minz it is a very effective wai of weight loss because your body works harder and your heart is pumping alot faster then the other workout so in turn your metabolism will be increasing also in the tym you burn off 200 calories in an hour you could burn off around 300 calories in 30 minz tym or 200 in 20 minz tym so if your good at math lyk me if you do an hour of this you could burn off 600 calories. This machine is good for building muscles in your thighs and calves.

Ok the next machine is a treadmill and im not gonna bother to get a picture of it because if you dont know what it is you should feel proud to have turned on your computa on all by yourself  lol :D. The same workout goes for the treadmill you can go slowly and have a comfortable tym on a low power for about an hour or you can do the conditioning training and work your heart more and burn the same amount of calories in half the tym. However there are 2 differences when on a treadmill you can alter the gradient at which you are on so you can alter the gradient to make it seem like your walking or running up a steep hill which will provide a MORE intense workout it may not look lyk much of a difference but it is a huge difference. And a treadmill is pretty dangerous if you are running at a high speed make sure you can handle that speed because itll  b embarassing if you fall off and you could hurt yourself severely so be careful when you are on treadmills. The treadmill is very good at burning off calories it works your whole body especially if you are running not with your hands to the side but in the jogging motion if you want to tone your muscles you could do running with weights in your hands and i mean light weights lyk 2 or 4 kg not lyk 60kg thats gna break your wrist.

One of my favourite machines is the rowing machine once again i wont bother with a picture if you dont know what it is just pretend that it is lyk rowing makes sense eh.  Once again you can use either workout with a rowing machine however a rowing machine does not have as many power levels you can put it on power level 1 or power level 10. You can go for the laid back way and do a long time on a low power level. Or you can go for the conditioning method and pace yourself. When using the rowing machine make sure you are making the proper rowing movement you should drag the cord back to around your chest level and kick back and pull back its hard to keep a constant form but if you do it for the majority of the time it should be fine. When on here try for a time of 10 mins and in that tym aim to travel at least 2000m this is if you are doing the conditioning method if you are doing the laid back way just stay on it for 30 mins. The rowing machine is good because it works your whole upper body and thighs and calfs it is a useful machine if you are looking to tone.

Ok now this post is turning 2 long so quick skim of the stepping machine(culdve been more creative) and the cross trainer(thas more lyk it). Ok these two machines are the god send for burning off calories i have found that they are better then most of the cardio machines at your gym the cross trainer all tho mostly women use it is great for losing calories once again you can go for the laid back wai of low power level high time. Or you can really pace yourself and do conditioning but with a difference instead of changing to a comfortable power level do the highest intensity and go for 10 mins on it however youre allowed to take a 30 second break every 2 1/2 mins. Now on the stepping machine i havn’t used it but my m8 has and he sais its one of the hardest workouts you will do its his prime form of cardio so it must be good so i cant give much information i do kno that you can go for the laid back wai or conditioning method on this machine tho so just use whicheva you prefer.




  1. Johnny Bravo Said:

    very good site, you have alot of enthusiasm, and alot of good ideas, your description is very good aswell and the pictures just kill it 😀
    Keep it up!

  2. Aj Said:

    Great LojanBaba

  3. Thul-Z Said:

    haha sik syt lovin’ it 😀 haha xD

  4. livelovelifefashion Said:

    Hey, this is really good and informative. Ive seen bits of your other posts too ..the comments under the pictures are jokees! Keep it up =) Take care x

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