Getting started

Ok im a 17 year old his been focusing on working out and toning my body out at the gym. And I decided to create a blog to help all you guys out tha were in the same shoes as me because at first i didnt kno anything at all about fitness i didnt kno what cardio was i thut it was something u wore lol šŸ˜€ i didnt kno anything about dumbell row, incline chest pressess etc etc. This blog is to help everyone else understand the techniques to fitness and the terminology.

Also this blogs to help anybody that wants to get fit ill be posting videos and diet routines for all needs whether you want to lose a coupla pounds or stones or wheva u want to get your body ripped and toned or wheva you want to gain muscle/body building and lastly wheva u want to increase your endurance and strength šŸ˜€ also therell be lots of pretty bright sprakly colours šŸ˜€ hope you guys like this blog comment on whateva u find useful and enjoy šŸ™‚


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